Fixed in the Tempest

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book--Fixed in the Tempest

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As her daughter heads off to college, Lisa watches her picture-perfect life start to unravel. Lisa’s fulfilling career vanishes overnight due to budget cuts, and her loving husband’s battle with his own personal demons threatens to ruin their once stable marriage. Forced to make tough choices, Lisa looks for second chances. Can she have it all?

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176 pages

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November 26, 2013

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Hardcover Unavailable

Reader Reviews

Changes will they strengthen them or break what they had

Tom owns his own real estate company and working long hours, and not sleeping much, After seeing a young girl die from an accident, the image doesn’t leave his mind, even the alcohol he has turned to doesn’t help.

Now with their youngest away at college, the quietness of the house, Budget budget cuts at the newspaper, and not accepting any free launch items , so Lisa has time on her hands. With news he maybe traveling more because of this new project. Twenty five years can the marriage survive all the changes, or will they wake up and make new commitments to one another. A tender story of changes, that can break or strengthen them.

Reviewed on April 17, 2019 by Ellen Oceanside[permalink]